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Pilates in Motion is led by physiotherapist Katy Neale who has over 18 years clinical experience. She is an experienced teacher and graduated with a physiotherapy degree in 2001. She has taught Pilates since 2003 to both individuals and groups and is a qualified APPI instructor. 


She specialises in Clinical Pilates and has worked in hospitals, private clinics and has taught one-to-one Pilates at clients homes. 


As a physiotherapist 

  • She has taught clients with a variety of injuries. These include back and neck pain.

  • She has worked post operatively to enable people to return to full fitness.

  • She specialises in ante-natal and post-natal Pilates.

  • She has worked with clients who are keen to improve their general well being, posture and flexibility.

  • She has worked with athletes who want to improve their core control in order to enhance their performance. 


The Clinical Pilates classes taught by Katy are smaller than the majority of gym classes.  This allows for individual attention so that the exercises can be adjusted to meet your own needs and ability. Larger classes are more difficult for the teacher to cater to everyone's needs. There is a maximum of eight in a class. 


Classes are held in Edgware, North West London and Borehamwood, Hertfordshire , generally during school term time.

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