Estelle Morgenstein


I've enjoyed the first term. Very gentle movements which is what I wanted, particularly with my back problems. 

Also the fact that there are no more than eight people in the group means that Katy is able to help each person individually if necessary. I am looking forward to next term. 



Amanda Jayne Shaw


As a complete novice, I had absolutely no idea what to expect nor the benefits of Pilates; however, with each exercise carefully explained and monitored, I have progressed and thoroughly enjoy each class. The benefits are notable immediately, the stress of the day disappears and as a result of the course, I find my posture and usually daily wear and tear of life, less painful. Thank you Katy for your expertise and guidance, I shall definitely be continuing to the next stage.


Gabrielle Goldman


I am really enjoying the Pilates class and am finding that is starting to help my back.


Lauraine May


I have really loved your intimate Pilates classes. The importance you place on the individual throughout the whole hour and the attention you give is paramount and so important. I really trust your expertise which is grounded in Physiotherapy and enjoy being in the relaxing environment that you create. I feel I have learnt a lot about my body and I felt a different within me in about two weeks of learning even the most basic movements there is in Pilates, in relation to my body pain that I experience. I am already looking forward to participating in many more of your classes in the future. Thank you



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