Many people find private Pilates lessons beneficial. There are several reasons to consider private classes.

  • You have a busy schedule and you are unable to commit to a weekly class.

  • There is a specific areas you wish to focus on.

  • To develop a personalised core strengthening programme to support other fitness activities.

  • Ante-natal pilates.

  • You are recovering from injury and not yet ready to join a group class. 

  • There is a lack of availability in group classes.

  • You feel that you work better on an individual basis.

In most instances a 60 minutes or 45 minutes will be suggested for you first lesson. After this the length of the session may vary according to your needs 60 minute, 45 minute and 30 minute are available.  

Frequency: Private lessons do not have to be held on a weekly basis, many people come in every few weeks to check their progress and progress their exercises. 

Location:  The Natural Gateway Clinic, Borehamwood. Visit for details.

Enquiries: Can be made through Pilates-in-motion or Borehamwood Physio. 


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